Pasteli with Pistachios 60g


Pasteli is the healthy Greek snack bar, made from sesame seeds and honey. Halvas Drapetsonas are experts in all things sesame-based, such as their famous halva and tahini, and that includes their pasteli, which is flavoured with pistachios and cinammon.

  • Ingredients: honey (50%), sesame seeds (44%), shelled pistachios (5%), citrus fibres, cinammon. Contains nuts.
  • Net weight: 60g
  • Origin: Drapetsona, Central Greece
  • Nutritional info per 100g: Energy 519kCal, Fat 30.6g, of which saturates 6.1g, Carbohydrates 44.6g, of which sugars 23g, Fibre 3.7g, Protein 14.5g
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