Rizes Peach Jam No Added Sugar 300g


Mashed peaches simmer in concentrated grape juice and fresh lemon juice. It is a spread with a velvety texture, intense aroma and the rich fruity taste of peach.

Produced by 160g of fruit pulp per 100g of final product

  • Ingredients: Peaches (75%), Grape fruit concentrate, fresh lemon juice.
  • Origin: Kozani, Greece
  • Net weight: 300g
  • Packaging: glass jar

Served as bread spread, accompanying salty or piquant cheeses, as a component for cakes and stuffed cookies, in yogurt or on ice cream, as an ingredient for giving sweetness to a dressing for fresh green salad.

Nutrition facts per 100g:

ENERGY: 936kj/230kcal – FAT: 1g (of which saturates: 0,0g) – CARBOHYDRATE 57g (of which sugars: 52g) – PROTEIN: 2g – SALT: 0,0g – VITAMIN C: 1mg – CALSIUM: 22mg – POTASSIUM: 65mg – DIETARY FIBER: 3g

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